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Argentina Food & Drink
Argentina has a lot to offer many different types of travelers. It's the type of place where you can spend some time backpacking, hiking, camping and being the adventure traveler for a while. Then, you can take a break from that, head to Buenos Aires, and trade in your hiking boots for tango shoes. Ready to plan your Argentina journey? E-mail us at: or 1-855-238-0118.

There's no question that what Argentina is best known for is its beef and its wine. When it comes to beef, as well as other types of meat, it is the asado or barbecue that is probably the preferred method of cooking. In Patagonia, it is goat and lamb that are more frequently put on the asado, often whole. Chimichurri, a must-try sauce of herbs, vinegar and garlic, is a typical accompaniment.

Empanadas are also a common dish as in many South American countries. These are pastry stuffed with beef, hard-boiled egg, olives and sometimes raisins. Additional ingredients that are sometimes used are cheese, ham, chicken or fish.

Because of the great numbers of Italians who immigrated to Argentina, Italian food such as pasta and pizza is readily available, especially in the large cities. Italian style ice cream or gelato is also to be found, a rare treat when traveling through neighboring countries.

Although the ice cream is lovely, desserts are even more likely to center around dulce de leche, made from milk and sugar. It's used in a number of ways such as a filling for pancakes or cookies called alfajores, spread on top of cakes or added on top of flan.

A traditional drink here is a tea made from the yerba mate plant. Yerba mate is typically drunk from a special cup with a straw which is sometimes shared with family and friends. In this case, the host will prepare the mate for each guest, one at a time. When a guest finishes with his or her drink, the cup is prepared for the next person.

The country produces some outstanding wines, probably the best in South America, along with Chile. There are a number of varieties but it is particularly known for its Malbec. Wine aficionados of all levels will appreciate the quality of even lower priced bottles.

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