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Argentina Travel Overview
Argentina has a lot to offer many different types of travelers. It's the type of place where you can spend some time backpacking, hiking, camping and being the adventure traveler for a while. Then, you can take a break from that, head to Buenos Aires, and trade in your hiking boots for tango shoes. Ready to plan your Argentina journey? E-mail us at: or 1-855-238-0118.
Argentina Map
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This is a large country so it can take some time to travel between the regions and to really appreciate what each has to offer. You'll need to consider the available time you have and your priorities carefully so that you are sure not to miss what's most important to you.

The trouble is, there's something worth seeing everywhere. For example, this is one South American country where it's really worth spending some time in the capital city rather than just using it as a place to fly in and out of.

The incredible landscapes, flora and fauna are what many people make the effort to visit for. Argentina offers very diverse areas to sightsee where there are many options for the more adventurous to get as active as they like. Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking and more are all easy to find.

Many different climates are represented here. The Iguaz˙ Waterfall on the Brazil border is located in lush jungle that can be explored while all the way down at the southern part of Patagonia there are glaciers. In between are kilometers of mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and more to enjoy.

When it comes time to relax, there are seaside resorts and beaches that can be visited. A number of quaint colonial towns can offer a nice change from more energetic activities.

Perhaps the most welcome thing about visiting Argentina, however, is the people. By and large, the people here are extremely friendly. It's likely that you'll go home having made a great many new friends.

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