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Brazil Must See Places
Brazil is the largest country in South America with such a wide variety of attractions that it may be a logistical challenge to see everything you'll want to in the time that you have to travel.
One thing you will want to decide is where your greatest interests lie. If you only have two weeks to travel, you could easily spend the entire time in the cities and towns getting to know the culture, exploring the Pantanal or laying on one or more of the pristine beaches. Ready to plan your Brazil journey? E-mail us at: or 1-855-238-0118.

Nature lovers will not want to miss the Pantanal. It's the largest freshwater wetland in the world, providing a home for an extremely varied mix of flora and fauna. Among the animals you can find here are giant otters, monkeys, jaguars, anacondas, caimans, egrets, herons, marsh deer, tapirs, macaws, hawks and hundreds upon hundreds more species. You'll want to spend at least four or five days exploring here and a good way to do so is by horseback.

The Amazon, of course, also offers a great opportunity for nature lovers to experience a biodiversity not found elsewhere. Tours can include options for cruising on the river, hiking, staying in EcoLodges and even swimming with freshwater dolphins.

Another amazing landscape to visit is the Iguazu Waterfall. While the waterfall itself is in Argentina, the best view of it is from Brazil. Surrounding the waterfall is a jungle that can be explored that provides a home for many birds and animals.

There are many kilometers of beaches when you're ready for a rest from more active excursions. One of the ideal places to do is Fernando de Noronha, an island in an archipelago off the coast of northeast Brazil and a UNESCO world heritage site. Although small, there are a number of beautiful beaches, considered by some to be not only the best in Brazil but in the world. Here you can choose to simply sunbath and swim or take part in the excellent snorkeling and diving available amongst the rocks, marine life and shipwrecks.

Although there is so much amazing natural beauty to enjoy, one shouldn't forget that the cities and towns have much to offer. It would be remiss to visit the country and not spend at least some time soaking up the vibrant culture in the more metropolitan areas such as Rio, Sao Paolo or Salvador. Listen to some Brazilian music, try some amazing cuisine, dance to some Brazilian salsa and make sure to check out some Capoeira if you get a chance.

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