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Brazil Travel Overview
Brazil is the largest country in South America with such a wide variety of attractions that it may be a logistical challenge to see everything you'll want to in the time that you have to travel.
One thing you will want to decide is where your greatest interests lie. If you only have two weeks to travel, you could easily spend the entire time in the cities and towns getting to know the culture, exploring the Pantanal or laying on one or more of the pristine beaches. Ready to plan your Brazil journey? E-mail us at: or 1-855-238-0118.
Brazil Map
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Opportunities for adventure travel abound and the landscape for it includes islands, canyons, waterfalls, rivers, jungles and more. You can find ample areas for trekking, rafting, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, snorkeling and even surfing. For those that prefer to have a more relaxing holiday or who just want a break, there are 7000 km of beaches to choose from.

Even within the beach opportunities, there are plenty of activities available. These make great locations to take families and groups who may have different interests. While some relax, others can find more active ways to spend the day.

If you get tired of playing in nature, it's hard to find a more enticing city to play in than Rio de Janeiro. Even when it's not Carnaval time, there are lots of things to do and plenty of nightlife to explore. The culture in Brazil is vibrant and the music in particular is something you'll want to experience for yourself.

The presence of African slaves in the past has had a huge influence on all aspects of the culture including food, music, dance and art. Other immigrants have had their own effects as well, particularly the Italians and Germans who settled in the south of the country.

Keep in mind that the national language is Portuguese, not Spanish as in the rest of Latin America. If you can speak Spanish fluently, you may be able to understand some of what you hear but it probably won't help you that much.

Because of the size of this country and the way its attractions are spread out, it's a good destination to enlist the help of a travel agency if your time is limited.

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