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Brazil Travel Seasons
Brazil is the largest country in South America with such a wide variety of attractions that it may be a logistical challenge to see everything you'll want to in the time that you have to travel.
One thing you will want to decide is where your greatest interests lie. If you only have two weeks to travel, you could easily spend the entire time in the cities and towns getting to know the culture, exploring the Pantanal or laying on one or more of the pristine beaches. Ready to plan your Brazil journey? E-mail us at: or 1-855-238-0118.
Brazil Travel Season & When To Visit

Brazil is situated below the equator, therefore its summer months are from December to March while winter is from June to September. As the country has varied ecosystems, this can mean different things in different areas. During the summer, most of Brazil is quite hot and fairly dry while the winter is cooler and wetter.

In the Amazon, there is heat and humidity throughout the year with December through May be much wetter. Even during these months, there are often sunny mornings. The Patanal is extremely hot during the rainy months with the greatest rainfall between December and March.

The most popular time of traveling to Brazil is in the summer months. At this time, it is full of vacationers from both other countries as well as nationals. This makes the destinations more crowded and the prices are usually higher at this time as well.

Because of this, you may want to plan your trip for another time unless you are planning on going to Carnaval. Carnaval is one of the most festive times anywhere in the world, not just Brazil, and normally takes place in February. A note of caution, reservations for this time period need to be made well in advance.

If you aren't planning on Carnaval, take a look at traveling during the months of April through November. This will allow you to avoid the crowds, with the exception of July when there are school vacations. In particular, May through September is low season and is generally the least expensive time to visit.

June to August are ideal times for trekking in the Pantanal and Amazon as there are less rains at that time however prices may also go up due to the numbers of people living north of the Equator who tend to travel during their summer vacations. In addition, the weather can be chillier and rainier from Rio down southward.

The spring months of September and October are worth considering, as you will make it to the Amazon before the rainy season begins and the weather will be warm elsewhere. Autumn (March to May) also allows you to travel during more temperate weather and lower prices.

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