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Chile Food & Drink
Chile is a long country along the western coast of South America. It is so long that it spans more than half the length of the continent, about 4300 km. This length includes a great variety of ecosystems and, indeed, it is the scenery that brings most people here.
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When you look at the length of the Chilean coastline, it's not surprising that you can find an abundance of different seafood here. There is, of course, the Chilean sea bass to be sampled. Conger eel is also quite popular and can be found fried or in a soup called Caldillo de Congrio. Other offerings include lobster, clams, mussels, prawns, sea urchins and abalone.

Chile has its own version of empanadas, common in many Latin American countries. They can be stuffed with ground beef, chicken or fish which is typically accompanied by hardboiled egg, olives and onions. Another typical offering is bistec a lo pobre, steak with fried eggs, onions and a side of fries. Cazuela, a common type of stew, can be made with beef or chicken.

As with many other surrounding countries, parillada (grilled meat) is quite popular. It should be noted that this is not a particularly vegetarian friendly country outside of larger cities such as Santiago. It's best to make sure you know some Spanish for basic vegetarian options and not to worry too much if a small piece of meat ends up in your veggie soup.

Wine lovers will be particularly happy in Chile as this country, along with Argentina, is one of the top wine producers in South America. Although whites are available, it is red wine that it is particularly known for and the best to sample. There are several varieties and a number of vineyards producing wine for every budget. This is a great place to get cheap but more than acceptable wines.

Pisco is also a national liquor. This brandy made from grapes takes its name from the area in Peru where it's said to originate. One can find pisco sours as readily available here as in Peru and it is a subject of much contention between the two countries as to whose pisco is best.

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