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Optional Tours from Cairo
Cairo Egyptian Museum of Antiquities
Located in the Center of Cairo, on Tahrir square. One of the most fascinating Museums you will ever visit, it contains over 120,000 artifacts, from the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms of ancient Egypt, ending up in the Greco Roman Period. Tutankhamun's golden funerary mask and coffins along with a visit to the Mummie's room are not to be missed. This tour is always included in our packages.
Islamic Cairo
Declared by the Unesco as a World Heritage Site, is an area of several square miles. The highlight here is the Khan Al Khalili Bazaar, located in the center of this district. Merchants have been trading here since the 14th Century, wonder thru the alleys in a medieval atmosphere, the bazaar is full of merchants of crafts, spices, perfume essences, food street vendors, coffe houses, Mosques, a place to put your bargaining skills to use. A half day tour to the Bazaar is always included in our packages. A more comprehensive Tour of Islamic Cairo can always be customized by our travel experts.
The Citadel
Built by a famed Muslim General Saladin. Offering fine views of the City. The most notable monument here is the Muhammad Ali Mosque wich contains his tomb as well. This tour is always included in our packages.
Coptic Cairo
The most popular sites on this tour: The Coptic Museum aa fascinating collection of the first christian artifacts, architectural ruis, textiles, and old manuscripts. Church of the Virgin Mary, also Known as the hanging church, one of the most beautiful. Church of St Sergius also called Abu Serga where the Holy family took shelter during their stay in Egypt. Church of Santa Barbara 11th century church. This is an optional tour. A more comprehensive tour can be arranged.
Ben Ezra Synagogue
Founded in the 9th Century the oldest Synagogue in Cairo. This tour is optional.
The majestic Pyramids of Giza
Cheops also called the great Pyramid, Chephren and Mykerinus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, to the south of the great Pyramid the legendary Sphinx a mysterious creature with a lion's body and a human face. This tour is always included in our packages.
Memphis and Sakkara
Memphis Capital of Egypt in ancient times, the must see here is the larger than life statue Colossi of Ramses II, the king lies on his back on a special pavillion. Sakkara. Here you will find the first pyramid or Step Pyramid as it's known and surrounding enclosure of Zoser King of Egypt in 2667 B.C.
- Alabaster Sphinx. 13 feet high, 26 feet long and carved of single peace stone
This tours are always included in our packages
Sound and Light Show at the Giza Plateau
See the Pyramids and Sphinx illuminated at night while listening to their magical history. This is an optional Tour.
Fayoum Oasis
90 minutes drive from Cairo and you will be in Egypt's biggest oasis and the closest to Cairo. Set by the shores of Lake Qarun, this Oasis produces an abundance of fruit and vegetables to Cairo. A beautiful serene area full of greenery and birds. This is an optional tour.
Located three hours drive from Cairo thru the desert road. Visit Alexandria National Museum, The Citadel in the Eastern Port, and of course it's famed New Library of Alexandria the most advanced in the arab world. This is an optional tour.
Bahariyya Oasis
330 Km Southwest of Cairo one of the four Western Desert Oases. An scenic collection of small villages set among greenery and palm groves. Experience the life of the Bedouins people. This is an optional Tour. Usually combined with a tour of the White Desert.
White Desert
Aproximately 5 hours drive from Cairo. Stretching for about 12 miles on each side of the road, full of amazing rock formations of eroded limestone, is truly white giving the appearance of snow. You can do 3 day camel or jeep safaris, as well as overnight trips. This is an optional Tour.
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