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Lake Nasser - Nile Egypt Tour
Trip Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights
Trip Type: Escorted Tour
Includes Airfare: YES, from most major Cities in US & Canada.
Accomodation Type: Hotel and 5* Nile River Cruise.
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Tour Includes:
  • International Flight
  • Domestic Flights
  • Meet and assist services at all destinations
  • All transfers by an A/C car
  • 4* minimum accomodations in Cairo
  • 5* Nile Cruise
  • 5* Lake Nasser Cruise
  • All meals as per itinerary
  • All tours and excursions (except optional tours)
  • English speaking Egyptologyst Guide
  • All entrance fees
  • All Hotels and airfare taxes
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High C 23 26 30 35 38 41 41 40 39 36 29 24
Low C 9 10 14 19 22 25 26 25 24 20 15 11
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Overgnight International flight. Departures from most major Cities.
Arrival in Cairo. Our Representative will meet and assist you. Transfer to your Hotel Overnight in Cairo.
Today's tour:
- Visit the majestic Pyramids of Giza, Cheops also called the great Pyramid, Chephren and Mykerinus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, to the south of the great Pyramid the legendary Sphinx a mysterious creature with a lion's body and a human face.
- Memphis and Sakkara. Memphis Capital of Egypt in ancient times, the must see here is the larger than life statue Colossi of Ramses II, the king lies on his back on a special pavillion. Sakkara. Here you will find the first pyramid or Step Pyramid as it's known and surrounding enclosure of Zoser King of Egypt in 2667 B.C.
- Alabaster Sphinx, 13 feet high, 26 feet long and carved of single peace stone. - Optional tour: In the evening return for a Sound and Light Show at the Giza Plateau. See the Pyramids and Sphinx illuminated at night while listening to their magical history.
* Breakfast, Lunch, Included. Overnight in Cairo.
Transfer to the airport for your flight to Luxor. Our Representative will meet and assist you. Board your 5* Nile Cruiser.
Today you will visit:
- Luxor and Karnak Temples, the best introduction to greatness of Upper Egypt.
- Karnak the largest and most imposing Temple complex ever built, it was the Center of Egypt were the Pharaos lived, dedicated to Sun God Amon.
- Luxor, this temple seats right beside the Nile, surrounded by the now modern town of Luxor, starts by an avenue of Sphinxes wich originally went all to way to Karnak 2 km to the North.
* Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included. Overnight in Luxor.
Todays hightlights:
- Valley of the Kings, burial place of many of the new Kingdom Pharaos, including Tutankhamun and Ramses the Great, here you can venture in to some of the tombs.
- Temple of Hatshepsut, the only woman Pharao to rule ancient egypt, this temple blends beautifully in a bay of cliffs knowns as Deir El Bahri.
- Valley of the Queens, burial place for Royal brides, princes, and princesses, only a handful of tombs are open to the public, the most famous that of Nefertari Ramses favourite wife.
- Colossi of Memnon, two giant seated figures that is all that remains of the Great Temple of Amenhotep III, although damaged they are impressive.
* Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included. Overnight on board while sailing to Esna and Edfu.
Today's tour:
- Esna, on the west bank of the Nile, it's main attraction the Temple of Khnum and the crossing of the Lock, a small but very interesting crossing to watch from the deck of your boat.
- Edfu, travel by horse drawn carriage between the Temple of Horus one of the best preserved Temples of ancient Egypt, the Temple of Edfu is located some distance inland.
- Kom Ombo, beautiful waterfront Temple dedicated to the Cocodrile God Sobek, and Haroeris with a Falcon Head, it was completed during Roman times.
* Breakfast, Lunch included. Tonight enjoy an Egyptian Galabya Dinner Party, a fun filled evennig. Overnight on board, sail to Aswan.
Today you will visit:
- Aswan High Dam, just north of the border with Sudan, a huge rock filled dam, which captures the world's largest river: The Nile, and its reservoir: Lake Nasser.
- The Unfinished Obelisk, perfectly shaped but still attached to the rock, left there after discovering a crack, it would have been the biggest ever erected.
- Philae Temple, located on a Island, one of the most romantic sites, dedicated to the Goddess Isis. This Temple was reconstructed on the Island of Aglika, from it's original Philae Island, due to the construction of the High Dam.
- At sunset board a traditional Nile "Felucca" and sail on the river arround Aswan's botanical gardens.
* Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included. Overnight on board in Aswan.
This morning disembark and transfer to the airport for your flight to Abu Simbel. Our representative will meet and assist you to board your Cruise Boat in Lake Nasser.
Featured Tours:
- Abu Simbel, rescued from the waters of Lake Nasser, after the Giza Pyramids one of Egypt's most famous sites, the Temple was built 3000 years ago. Four statues of Ramses II carbed out of a single slab of rock, welcome you to this impressive Temple. Nearby Queen Nefertari's Temple.
- Tonight experience the monuments lit for a fantastic Sound and Light Show. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner included. Overnight on board.
Today's tour:
- Briefing from the main deck of your Ship on the Fortress of Kasr Ibrim, still remaining on its original site, transformed by rising waters into a rocky island near the center of the lake, limited to visitors due to its ongoing intense archaelogical work.
- Amada, the oldest surviving Temple on Lake Nasser, dating back to the 18th century, contains Nubian paintings that still have their original color.
- Temple of Hemi Speos Derr dedicated by Ramses II to the rising sun.
- Tomb of Penniut, deputy of Nubia.
* Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included. Overnight on board sail to Wadi al-Sebua.
DAY 10
Today's excursions:
- Wadi al-Sebua, built during the reign of Ramses II, it's name means Valley of the Lions after the great Avenue of Sphinxes that leads to the Temple.
- Temple of Dakka, dedicated to the God of Divine wisdom Thot, depicted as a human with an Ibis head.
- Temple of Maharakka, Greco-Roman Temple, built under Roman rule, dedicated to Serapis the Alexandrian God.
* Breakfast, Lunch, dinner included. Overnight on board.
DAY 11
Featured Tours:
- Temple of Kalabsha, rebuilt by the Roman Emperor Octavious Augustus, dedicated to the Nubian God Mandulis, a Nubian Sun God. Offering fantastic views of lake Naseer.
- Kiosk of Qertassi, built to honour the Goddess Isis.
- Temple of Beit al-Wali, small Temple cut of the rock, built in Nubia by Ramses II, but relocated to higher ground in 1960 along with the Kalabsha Temple to avoid flooding by the Aswan Dam.
- Kiosk of Kertassi, a small monument with Roman Era columns moved to its current site along with the Temples of Kalabsha and Beit al-Wali.
* Transfer to the airport for your flight back to Cairo. Transfer to your Hotel. Breakfast, lunch included. Overnight in Cairo.
DAY 12
Today you will visit:
- Cairo Egyptian Museum of Antiquties, dedicated entirely to the Ancient History of Egypt and its Pharaos, houses over 120,000 objects, one of the most fascinating museums you will ever visit. Not to be missied the Galleries of Tutankhamon and the Mummie's Room. - Khan Al Khalili, from a slave market in 1870, to today's buzzling market for antiques, perfume essences, spices, local street food vendors, carpets,a place to put your bargaining skills to use.
- Citadel, the Citadels provide fine views of the City, most notable here is the Muhammad Ali Mosque one of the most visible monuments in Cairo.
* Breakfast, Lunch Included. Overnight in Cairo.
DAY 13
Tour Ends. Our representative will assist you with your arrangments for your flight back home.
For more information or to request a quote please call us at: