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Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple
Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple. A 90 minute show, where you can walk through the Temple while experiencing the dramatic effects that the beautiful lighting has on the monuments.
Abydos and Dendara
Abyods is a must see, here is the Temple of Seti I, the second Pharao of the 19th dynasty, the temple was finished by his son Ramses II after his death. Built of fine white limestone, one of the most complete temples in the region.
Dendara is a Greco Roman Temple and one of the ones that remain almost intact. Dedicated to the Hathor the Goddess of pleasure and Love, a very impressive Temple.
Ballooning in Luxor
Usually a 35 to 50 minute ride, an early morning tour that gives you an aerial view of the West Bank, including the Temple of Hatshepsut's. An unforgettable experience.
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