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Saint Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai
Mount Sinai, At a height of 7,500 feet is the highest peak in Egypt, with spectacular views, watching the sunrise is what most tourist come for, you can climb by the 3,750 steps (steps of repentance) or by camel. According the to belief this is the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Nestled here is the St. Catherine's Monastery, the oldest Monastery still practising today, houses Greek Orthodox Monks and a fantastic Library second only to the Vatican one.
Safari Excursion to the Colored Canyon
Situated between St. Catherine's Monastery and the town of Nuweiba, drive on 4X4's through the Sinai desert, once you reach the Canyon you have a couple of hours to enjoy the spectacular multicolored stone cliffs. Followed by lunch and snorkelling in Nuweiba. Continue to Dahab a long time favourite of travellers and one for the most picturesques towns in the Red Sea.
Abu Galum Safari Excursion
Abu Galum, 2 hours from Sharm el Sheikh between Dahab and Nuweiba, enjoy this protected area of hight mountains and narrow valleys. The highlight of the trip is to snorkel in Egypt's famous "blue hole", lunch with the bedouins, and swimming for the less adventurous. Visit the town of Dahab on your way back to Sharm el Sheikh.
Ras Mohamed National Park
Egypt's first Marine park, a protected land and sea area of 320 square miles including Tiran Island. Famous for it's marine life, and amazing rock formations. Tour the Park, snorkel, and swim in this beautiful land and underwater Park.
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