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Galapagos Islands Food
A magical group of Islands, ideal for nature loving people. Located 600 miles of the coast of Ecuador (they belong to Ecuador), they are declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and the number of visitors per year is strictly controlled in order to preserve their amazing flora and wild life. The Galapagos Islands is where Charles Darwin's observations lead him to his Theory of Evolution after his visit in 1835.
A Galapagos Holiday is one of discovery, education and activities like snorleling, hiking and birdwatching, definitely a once in a lifetime trip.
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As one might expect, the Galapagos Islands are known particularly for the variety of seafood that you can enjoy. This can include fish, shrimp, lobster and, something not so easily found everywhere, sea cucumber. One of the must-try dishes is the islands' version of ceviche, raw fish or shellfish marinated in lemon juice and onions. Here, it is often made with shrimp. There is also a fish soup commonly found in the islands and the mainland called encebollado.

In addition to fish, there are also other dishes that find their origin on the mainland of Ecuador, from both the coast as well as the highlands. These might include tamales, seco de pollo (stewed chicken), seco de chivo (stewed goat), lomo saltado (beef stir-fry) and sopa de locro (soup with potato, cheese and avocado).

For those feeling more adventurous, one can sample the traditional tronquito (bull penis soup) or roasted guinea pig. There are also restaurants where you can find more basic options like sandwiches, hamburgers and pasta.

If you're on a cruise, the food choices will depend on the particular boat that you're on although many will offer a combination of Ecuadorian and international cuisine. The higher class boat that you choose will also bring with it a higher caliber of food as well as more options. Many of the boats will have a bar on board as well.

With regard to beverages, as with most places in South America, you will want to stick to bottled water. Coffee is now being produced in the islands and you can find organic coffee that is locally grown on the islands of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz.

There are also many fruits grown on the mainland that are brought to the islands and can be sampled whole or in juices. Examples of these include blackberries, guanabanas, passion fruit, papaya, bananas, naranjillas and more.

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