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Galapagos Islands Travel Overview
A magical group of Islands, ideal for nature loving people. Located 600 miles of the coast of Ecuador (they belong to Ecuador), they are declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and the number of visitors per year is strictly controlled in order to preserve their amazing flora and wild life. The Galapagos Islands is where Charles Darwin's observations lead him to his Theory of Evolution after his visit in 1835.
A Galapagos Holiday is one of discovery, education and activities like snorleling, hiking and birdwatching, definitely a once in a lifetime trip.
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Galapagos Islands Map
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The Galapagos Islands can be found off the cost of Ecuador and are considered to be part of that country. Volcanic eruptions led to their formation and their isolated setting has led to the evolution of unique birds and animals.

The islands were discovered in 1831 by Charles Darwin whose studies there led to his great impact on the theories surrounding evolution. Today, they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the landscapes and wildlife there are protected. Despite the protected status, it's still possible to visit here to view the unique sights that the location has to offer.

In addition to the great variety of unique wildlife, also contributing to the specialness of this place is that the birds and animals have no fear of humans. One can actually walk around the colonies of sea lions, iguanas, birds and tortoises. For those people who want an active holiday, it's possible to swim, snorkel, kayak and scuba dive as well.

Many people choose to see the islands by way of a cruise, which allows you to see the most variety of islands and their flora and fauna in the shortest amount of time. Cruises can vary in length of time but are typically between four and eight days in length. Obviously, the longer the cruise, the more that you can see.

The boats are available in different classes, from basic to luxury. While the more basic ones will be smaller, luxury class yachts can range from small, holding up to 16 passengers, all the way up to ones that can carry 100. Choosing a yacht is like choosing your hotel for the trip so what you can afford will affect your comfort level. There are some that specialize in diving if that's one of your priorities in coming here.

For those who do not like cruises or suffer from seasickness, it is also possible to use one island as a base and do daytrips to others. Island hopping can also be a less expensive alternative to yachts.

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