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Greece Whispers Tour
Greece: Known as the birthplace of civilization. It is a religion dominated country hence you will find some of the biggest and beautiful temples here. Also known for its beautiful and mesmerizing Islands.
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Greece Whispers Tour

Hydra Island

Aegina Island

Temple of Aphaia



Apollo Temple

Extended Customized Tours
DAY 1 - Athens
Arrive in Athens. On arrival our representative will assist you to your hotel. Day at Leisure. Overnight at your hotel in Athens.

DAY 2 - Day Crusise to Hydra. Paros. Aegina
Today after breakfast leave for a day cruise tour and visit the Saronic Gulf islands:
Hydra Island: An island that does not have any automobile transportation. The only automobile on the island are the garbage trucks. The local transportation are donkeys, boats and bicycles. You can wither take a leisure stroll or a swim in the deep, clear and cool sea. There are also many places to go and view here like the mansions, museums, galleries and churches.
Poros Island: A beautiful island with Pine, Olives and Lemon trees all over which create an impressive view. There are also some archeological sites to look around here.
Aegina Island: The second biggest Island in Argosaronikos. The weather here is always good with bright sunshine, warm and clear blue sea. It also has some great archeological sites to see. Enjoy a fun filled evening here. You can also go and visit the Temple of Afea Athena.
Temple of Afea Athena: A well preserved temple of the Doric style. It is built with 22 lime stone columns. The temple is dedicated to Aphaia a local divinity.
After your tour return back to your hotel. Dinner and overnight at your hotel in Athens.

DAY 3 - Delphi
After breakfast leave for a tour to Delphi. The journey is about 4 hours. On your way drive through:
Thebes: Located on the northwest of Athens. It is one of the chief cities and powers of the ancient Greece. The modern city today consist of archeological museums which carry remains from the bronze age and scattered ancient remains.
Delphi: One of the most important archeological sites of Greece. It is regarded as the centre of the world as according to mythology the eagles sent by Zeus from the ends of the universe to find the navel met here. Some of the most beautiful landscapes, cultural and religious centre of the world are here.
After your tour return back to Athens. Overnight at your hotel in Athens.

DAY 4 to 9 - Athens/Cruise
Today morning after breakfast board your cruise to enjoy your next five days of sailing. During your these five days visit the:
Mykonos: Visited by thousands of people every year. Also known for its most amazing night life. It has a huge variety of bars and clubs for those who love dancing and want to party the whole night. During summer the world's best DJs come here to perform.
Patmos: One of the most religious islands as St. John had his revelation and wrote the Apocalypse here. It is located to the north and has some beautiful beaches and archeological sites.
Kusadasi: The name Kusadasi means "Birds Island". It is surrounded by sparkling turquoise water, broad sandy beaches and may more archeological sites to see.
Rhodes: Geographically located close to the Turkish coast. In the ancient times it was famous for its Colossus statue of the SUN, which now is a wonder of the world. Many archeological sites to look at here.
Heraklion: The economical centre of the islands. It has some beautiful beaches, archeological sites, amazing landscapes and picturesque villages to see.
Overnight for these five days will be on board.

DAY 10 to 12
Today you will arrive in Santorini. On arrival our representative will assist you to your hotel.
The next 3 days you will be in Santorini. These 3 days will be at leisure.
Santorini: Spectacular landscape, traditional villages and breathtaking view over the submerged volcano are some of the reasons that make Santorini one of the most beautiful Islands of Cyclades.
For these 3 nights overnight at your hotel in Santorini.

DAY 13
Today after breakfast take a flight back to Athens. Day at Leisure. Overnight at your hotel in Athens.

DAY 14
Our representative will assist you to the airport for your journey back home.
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