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Classic Israel Tour
Experience all the historical and Spiritual treasures that Israel has to offer, tour the famous Capital of Israel: Jerusalem, and explore one of the most diverse regions in Israel: Galilee, with it's renowed ancient biblical sites. This memorable tour is fully customizable.
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Classic Israel Tour

Church of the Annunciation

Belvoir Fortress

Second Temple Model - Israel Museum

Zion Gate

Israel Western Wall


Damascus Gate

Extended Customized Tours
International Flight. Arrive in Tel Aviv, our Representative will meet and assist you, transfer you to your Hotel. Overnight in Tel Aviv

DAY 2 and 3
Today's Tour:
Caesarea. Visit the ruins of this ancient Roman Capital, the amphitheatre, the Aqueduct, and the Roman Statues.
Meggido. Overlooking the Jezreel Valley, site of Armageddon the Battle of Good over evil.
Nazareth. Visit the Old Nazareth's Market, the Church of the Annunciation were the Angel Gabriel announced Jesus Birth, and the Old Synagogue Church.
Sea of Galilee. Enjoy the view from the top of Arbel Cliffs, a boat ride and visit the ancient fisherman's boat said to be from the time of Christ.
Capernaum. Visit the ancient Synagogue believe to date from the time of Jesus.
Bethsaida. One of the three Cities cursed by Jesus for the lack of faith. Travel thru the Golan Heights to Tiberias.
Breakfast included. Overnight in Tiberias.

Today Visit:
Crusader Fortress of Belvoir. Located south of the Sea of Galilee, on a hill overlooking the Jordan Valley, one of the most well preserved and impressive Fortress in Israel.
Bet Shea'n Walk thru the ancient streets and Roman Ruins, site of the tragedy of Saul and his sons killed in the battle of Mount Gilboa.
Tel Jericho. The Oldest walled City, where God tells Joshua the walls will tumble down when the soldiers shout and priest blow their horns.
Jerusalem. Visiting Mt. Scopus and Mt. of Olives to view the old City.
Breakfast included. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Today's Highlights:
Scale Model of Jerusalem, At the Israel Museum, a fascinating replica of Jerusalem from the period of the Second Temple, before its destruction by the Romans.
Yad Vashem At the foot of Mount Herzl is the Memorial to the Jewish victims of the holocaust.
Dead Sea Scrolls. Visit the Israel Museum to view the collection of ancient biblical documents discovered near the dead sea in 1940.
Breakfast included. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Today's highlights:
Jerusalem. visit the City of David excavations, Hezekiah's Tunnel, and the Jebusite City walls.
Mt. Zion. Site of the Tomb of David and the Upper Room also known as the last supper room.
Jerusalem's Old City. Enter through Zion Gate through the Jewish Quarter visit the remains of King Herod's Temple.
Wohl Archeological Museum. Contains the remains of several houses from the Times of Herod and Jesus, on display domestic objects from that time as well.
Breakfast included. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Today's highlights:
Access the thru the Dung Gate in to the Kotel/Western Wall one of the most sacred sites for Jewish people.
Dome of the Rock Mosque An Islamic Mosque and a Jerusalem landmark located on the site of the Second Jewish Temple.
Pools of Bethesda The healing pools as described in the Gospel of John.
Church of the Holy Sepulcher. A church built on the site of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.
Temple Institute. View the priest's garments and holy vessels being made ready for use in the Third Temple.
Western Wall Tunnel A must see attraction adjacent to the western wall a fascinating tour revealing the history of times of the Second Temple.
Breakfast included. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Masada. A Majestic Fortress built by Herod King of Judea at the western en of the Judean dessert, it overlooks the Dead Sea. A very important arqueological site and also of great significance for the Jewish People. You can hike following the "Snake Path" or by cable Car. Afterwards relax along the Dead sea shore and experience the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea. On your way back to Jerusalem visit the spot were the Dead Sea scrolls were found.
Breakfast included. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Today's hightlights:
Tower of David Museum. Enter the Old City of Jerusalem thru the Jaffa Gate, this Museum is located on the Ancient Citadel, enjoy breathtaking views of the City from the top of the Tower. Learn 4000 years of Jerusalem's history.
Roman Cardo A main street from Roman times that run north to south. Stroll this ancient site on the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, a portion of it has been rebuilt in to a modern shopping area with specialty and souvenir stores.
The Broad Wall This is section of the first temple discovered on the Jewish Quarter of the Old City in the 1970's.
Damascus Gate Situated on the northern wall of the Old City of Jerusalem, one of the most beautiful and largest of all the gates.
Garden Tomb Believe by many to be the possible site of the resurrection of Jesus. Is a quiet place for worship and reflection.
Breakfast included. Overnight in Jerusalem.

DAY 10
Tour ends. Our Representative will assist you with your arrangements to get Back home.
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