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Peru Travel Seasons
Peru is a huge country and there is a lot more to see here than Machu Picchu. It is home to a great variety of ecosystems including beaches, deserts, jungles and mountain highlands. There is something here for many different interests such as adventure, culture, history, gastronomy and more.
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Peru Travel Season & When To Visit

The most important thing to know about the travel season in Peru is regarding when it rains. The rainy season general begins in November and lasts until the end of March. The weather in the highlands in particular, however, is variable so it is possible to get rain outside of this period. However, it will generally not be the type of downpours that you can get during the height of the rainy season, in January and February. Usually, even in those months, the rains don't last all day and often are only for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

The busiest times of travel tend to be between late May and August, therefore, April, early May, September and early October are great times to visit if you can arrange your vacation at that time. April is considered autumn here while September has you heading into springtime. Therefore, you avoid the colder nights of winter as well as the rainy season and crowds.

If you plan on doing trekking, there is even more reason to avoid the rainy season. In addition to being unpleasant, some trails may be inaccessible due to mud or, in some areas, snow. Also, constant rain and clouds may interfere with your ability to take the pictures that you are hoping for.

Trips to the jungle may also be impossible if the rains are particularly bad. It's also possible to become stranded there for a few days at this time of year, especially if you were planning on traveling by ground. If you are on a tight time schedule and need to make a flight home, this can be problematic.

Although the spring months offer a nice climate for visiting, it's worth noting that the hillsides will not be as green as they will be in the fall after the winter rains have come and gone. The landscape is still beautiful but has a much different look than it does in springtime.

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